IN PRINT: Chabad gets a New Torah, Hilarity Ensues

torah8huIf the celebration that traipsed its way through Mathey-Rocky this past Sunday afternoon is any indication, new Torahs are a big deal. Chabad, the Jewish center run by the Hassidic Lubavitz movement, got its first Torah on Sunday, and members of Chabad made their jubilation known.

Highlights of the ceremony and subsequent parade:

  • The strange techno-cultural disconnect of seeing old men in strict Hassidic dress busting out new digital cameras
  • Someone lighting their cigarette from the ceremonial candles being passed out
  • Pretty much everything involving Chabad leader Rabbi Eitan Webb, whose highlights of the day included riding on a freshman’s shoulders for a good five minutes and stealing/playing senior Dan Berry’s bongo drum somewhere around the University Place side of the U-Store

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