Underwear Displayed in the Lucas Gallery

The Lucas Gallery, housed in 185 Nassau St., is currently running an exhibition of artwork from students in fall semester ceramics, drawing, painting, photography and sculpture classes.

Here’s a glance of what you’ll see as you walk through the gallery:



One of the most prominently-featured pieces is this work by Cristina Flores Monckeberg ’12:

Monckeberg said that the idea for this piece came from an assignment where her class was told to make a drawing from a collage of photos. Monckeberg said that she “tried to create an impossible space that the viewer felt they could step into.”

While Joaquín Sorolla and Édouard Manet are Monckeberg’s artistic inspirations, she said that this particular piece sought to emulate M.C. Esher’s work:


(image source: brentfordgallery.com)