Change We Can… Compete For

obamalogo ivy

As Barack Obama prepares to take the highest office in the United States, he has begun to build a team of accomplished and skillful men and women that will help the young president lead America in these most troubled times.

Indeed, America stands at a crossroads in history, and Obama’s star-studded team hopes to answer some of the nation’s most pressing questions. How does America weather the recession? How does the nation withdraw its troops from Iraq? Which Ivy League school is really the best?

Come on. You thought it wouldn’t be a competition?

People have already noted that Obama’s team is noticeably “Ivy-tinged”. This, of course, begs the question that burns constantly in the American public mind:

Which of the “Ancient Eight” comes out on top?

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Is An Ivy League Degree Worth It?


Capitalizing on the tense economic climate, SmartMoney unveiled its“Best Colleges for Making Money” ranking (slideshow here) yesterday, compiling tuition costs and salaries to find the schools that offer the largest payback, and trying to convince us to transfer to the University of Georgia.

The magazine’s ranking calculated the “average payback” ratio of colleges across America by comparing the median salary of graduates to the cost of a degree, effectively seeing how the investment in higher education paid off.

Princeton University came in first out of the Ivy League schools with an “average payback” of 132%…

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